巴布森公园, Florida 韦伯 国际 大学 has been granted approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Florida Board of Nursing to offer a 护理学学士学位 degree program. The 大学 has begun accepting applications for students to start their pre-nursing coursework beginning in January of 2022....
We’ve all been encouraged by the great teachers in our lives to get to where we are today. 教学是灵活的, valuable degree that puts you on the fast track to a career full of creativity and fun. So, once you’ve trained, what jobs can you do with a 教学 degree? 特殊教育教师...
What is 卫生服务管理局 and Should I Study It?
If you’re asking what is 卫生服务管理局 and should I study it, then we’ve got all the answers to help you begin your career path Although it may sound slightly vague, a career in Health Service Administration offers a wealth of opportunities. If you are considering working in the health sector, then this may...
有许多职业可供选择, so why should you train to become an occupational therapy assistant (OTA)? 更好的问题应该是“为什么不呢??’. Occupational therapy practitioners help people participate in meaningful activities and enjoy life to its fullest. As an occupational therapy assistant, you will make a difference in the lives of...
Open up some great career opportunities by combining your chosen criminal justice major with business 管理istration studies. What is a criminal justice management degree? 不像体育管理学位, this qualification is the savvy choice when you envisage a future in probation, 修正设施, 或者法庭管理. You’ll enjoy excellent job security along with the...
A master’s degree helps you become an expert in your field, fast-tracking your career development and enhancing your salary. Read on to find out more about our master’s degree courses, and become part of our inspiring international graduate community, with courses including sports management courses, 运动心理学学位, 和更多的. 你想知道要做什么吗...
给Tuesday is a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. 韦伯 国际 大学 has been transforming the lives of our students for generations, please consider joining us in shaping the future through our students of today. No gift is too small and every single dollar...
Finding the right degree program is tough, and so is thinking about the future. But at 韦伯 国际, we offer a range of degree programs and outline our courses simply. Named as the “Best in the Southeast” we pride ourselves as having a diverse college cohort, with students from over 48 different nations. 总部设在佛罗里达州,我们...
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