体育商业管理 is a dynamic and growing field within the 业务 industry that encompasses all aspects of the sport and recreation industries. Our graduates are well-equipped to secure high-level positions in athletic administration, 专业体育组织, 公园及康乐部门, 事件管理, 体育营销, 以及设施管理. 的实践, experiential learning opportunities at 韦伯 through internships and class projects provide our students with the practical skills and real-world experience necessary to excel in the sport industry.

这项运动 业务 管理行业既令人愉快又有利可图, with a growing demand for skilled professionals to drive its continued success. 适合那些对体育充满热情,在商业方面有坚实基础的人, 体育商业管理学位是通往职业生涯的理想之路 highly-rewarding 职业生涯.

联系 & 学士学位

The 体育运动s Business 管理 program is engineered to meet the growing demand for skilled leaders in the sports industry. 具备基本商业原则的基础, 学生将深入研究体育推广等专业领域, 媒体及资讯, 设施管理, 事件管理. The program’s comprehensive curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the sports 业务 world, 让他们成为该领域的领导者.


The MBA program with a concentration in 体育运动s Business 管理 at 韦伯 国际 大学 equips graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure leadership positions within the sports industry. Our curriculum integrates theoretical concepts with practical insights from industry experts, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for the realities of the sports 业务 world. This program is designed to be accessible to individuals from a range of undergraduate backgrounds and is ideal for those looking to tap into the high demand for skilled and dynamic leaders within the sports industry.


Q: What is the difference between a 体育商业管理 degree and a 体育运动 管理, 运动性能, 体育运动 & 娱乐等…程度?

A: 体育商业管理 is a field of study that combines a solid 业务 core curriculum with additional sport 业务 management specific courses to prepare students for 职业生涯s in the sport industry. 不像其他很多有“运动”这个词的学位, 韦伯 国际 大学’s 体育商业管理 program is housed in the College of Business. 学生 will be taught by core 业务 faculty in their areas of expertise including management, 市场营销, 人力资源, 金融, 会计, 和经济学. This will provide the student with a solid 业务 foundation complemented by the sport 业务 core including courses in risk management and legal aspects of sport 业务, 事件 & 设施管理,体育推广,体育管理等等. 项目完成后, graduates will obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in 体育商业管理.


A: A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in 体育商业管理 from 韦伯 国际 大学 will prepare students for a wide array of 职业生涯s in the sport industry. 韦伯 graduates have gone to work for professional sports franchises such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 坦帕湾闪电, 迈阿密海豚, 底特律老虎队, St. 路易斯·卡迪纳尔斯和其他许多人. 除了职业体育, many 韦伯 graduates have worked as NCAA Division I coaches and athletic administrators, 高中总教练和体育主管, 私人教练, 强度 & 健身教练,公园 & 娱乐董事, 体育委员会主任, 基督教青年会董事, 以及其他体育行业的高管职位. 利用他们的韦伯商业学位和企业家精神, 许多毕业生还成功地创办了自己的体育公司.


A: Experiential learning is a cornerstone of 韦伯’s 体育商业管理 program. 我们不仅提供实习机会, but also a field experience course in the first year of the program to expose students early in their education to experiential learning opportunities, 志愿服务机会, 以及体育行业的指导. 除了这些, our program also offers the 体育商业管理 Club for those students who would like to take their experiential learning to the next level by attending conferences, 研讨会, 或者制作体育赛事.

Q: Does 韦伯’s 体育商业管理 program use graduate teaching assistants to teach any of the courses?

A: All courses within the 体育商业管理 core curriculum are taught by professors with Doctorate level degrees and 20+ years of experience.